Sunday, 18 October 2015

"Obsessed is just a word the lazy use to describe the dedicated" Inov-8

Actually the box that contained my first Inov-8 pair had the following inside (yes, I did copy it 5 years ago):
"The hills are calling. Bone hard tracks
and muddy forest trails scream your name.
Jagged rocks and shattered slate are
waiting with a special 'welcome home'
surprise for the unwary. Say hello as you
breeze past them on another flying visit.

Once it gets into your blood, mountain running
is a powerful narcotic. Technical running
shoes from Inov8 are your only hope of coping
with it's painful addiction.
signed: inov8

I have a long history with inov-8 shoes, they met many mountains and handled them well.

Haute Route 2012
Transvulcania 2014
They even done well on roads, because I did not want to move to other shoes.
There were other good shoes, but Inov-8 were always special, they fitted like a glove, did not forgive aggressive approach, insisting that I would be light on my feet and had a mad grip on rocks and mud.

But until 2 months ago I had to go hunting for them in Europe, mostly on-line or while running abroad.

Not a long time ago I was told by a good friend and neighbor, Yaniv, that the shoes I love are getting to Israel and even in my size (4.5 UK, it was often the smallest size for many models, although new models are available even in UK 3 size).

I thanked him, and written down the details, but were not in a hurry to search new shoes, since that I have a race ahead and "do not want anything new" before (yes, rookie mistake #1, which I may still make... again)

A couple of weeks after we had a short talk about life/shoes and everything and he mentioned again that the importer of the inov-8 in Israel, Tzahi Cohen and the choice of shoes he has in his shop, ProRunner.
Jungfrau 2012

Katzrin Ultra 2014
Well, the shop is in Tel-Aviv and I would certainly visit it for shopping for next pair, but currently I were with crazy schedule: work/life/racing, etc.

UTMB, 2011
In a couple of days I got a call from Yaniv and he said that he talked with Tzahi and mentioned my long relationship with inov-8 shoes and Tzahi wished to support me as an Inov-8 Israel representative.

   Well, first of all I was touched. This the shoe that I use even when I pay for it, so it's an honor to represent the brand I love.

So I met with Tzahi and... doing the famous "rookie mistake"... again... I got a new shoe, Race Ultra 270, which have different fit (standard, not precision), but after ~50 hilly and technical km on these shoes I really like them and willing to try them during the race as well.

Race Ultra 270 still have "close to the ground" feeling while having good protection. Sharp stones are a lot less painful than in X-talon or Bare Grip 200. That's not surprising, but still nice.
The shoes are less flexible than X-talon, but still allow for a natural stride.
The feeling is different from "hugging" or "like a glove" from precision fit, although it is comfortable. Standard fit is also much wider than precision fit, but do not slide too much on the foot, still have to work on tying them the right way: not too restrictive, and so that they do not slide on the feet.

The wider fit may be the reason they feel "shorter" than usual inov-8 sizes, so that's good that I had a chance to try them on and not just order the usual size on-line.

Wish me luck, please and thank you, Inov-8 Israel!

Matterhorn Ultraks 201

Jerusalem marathon 2014

Haifa stairs 2013

week before the race

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