Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Second Jerusalem Marathon (2012)

I did run it again, had fun and finished almost with the same result as a year ago... although a story was different this time. The route and organization were again as good as they get, the weather was... ...not boring: we had wind (up to 70km/h), rain, hail, sun... The views that would be great were covered with the thick mist most of the time...

I must admit, that though I was not trained enough for it, I was ready to enjoy the special run... Life interfered during the last week and I had minimal rest/fueling and plenty of stress along. I even was lucky I had a set of running clothes + shoes in my car, so I was almost geared up ;-)
Nevertheless, I am thankful to this run (race?) for reminding me that life is beautiful and full of surprises... and that I love running even if I do not race ;-)

This picture was taken at finish line:

Saturday, 10 March 2012

Videos from Judo competitions in Tel Aviv, March 3

Michael has won this time and all three fights are on-line: the first fight, the second fight and the final.