Thursday, 4 July 2013

LUT 2013 impressions

Forc Son Forca ~25 km

The weather before the race was much colder than is typical for the area and during race briefing (June 28, 18:00) LUT participants were informed of the following:

Thirty centimeters of snow on the high altitude paths. The North Face® Lavaredo Ultra Trail and la Cortina Trail change route and programmeBoth starts will be Saturday morning.

Last night’s snow fall leaves no choice, on the high altitude stretches and in particular along the paths of the Tre Cime Lavaredo, the Val Travenazes, the Cinque Torri and the Passo Giau, more than 30 centimetres of snow fell overnight. The North Face® Lavaredo Ultra Trail and la Cortina Trail will adapt to the conditions of the mountains, changing programme and route.
As regards the North Face® Lavaredo Ultra Trail the kilometres to cover will be 85, while the start of the race has been moved to Saturday morning at 8 o’clock. 

new race profile: 85.3 km 3541 m D+

New race map, overlay with the original one

 Thus the race started in daylight on the 29th of June with "plan B" route of 85.5 km and 3540 m of elevation gain. The statistics of my run are at Garmin site.

On one hand I felt disappointed not to run the original route, on the other hand this route is still hard and the race was a great experience. I won't go into small details and describe every step, but...
  • the race day was just perfect for the race: great visibility, beautiful views, perfect organization

    Son Forca again
  • I was relatively strong and my training was sound, 2 days after the race I felt nothing running up and down the stairs which is one of the good indicators.
  • Usually I pass people on the steep uphills (power hiking) and downhills (running), NOT this time! uphill was still good, I believe I can count on my fingers times I was passed on uphills, flats were fine, but DOWNhills (which are usually my strong side) were disaster... especially technical ones... covered with roots and mud... Sometimes mud got higher than ankles... One thing, I was paranoid not to twist ankles and with a good reason. Even aided by trekking poles I fell twice, luckily with not much damage done. Italians were swift and precise and I were negotiating with the terrain at the snail pace.
  • Another weak point: aid stations (MY weak point). If you look at my stats, moving time was 2 hours 21 minutes less than total time! Yes, there were 7 aid stations on the route, which is not too much. I just need to learn to be more efficient and not waste time.
  • Last but definitely not least: Michael and Vitaly met me on two stations (Misurino and Cimabanche) and it was really great to see them.

Michael also run last 100 m with me till the finish wich was close to midnight but still on the 29th of July...

passing the finish line