Monday, 10 September 2007

Recalling Moscow trip: friends & picture exhibition

While being in Moscow we enjoyed meeting with friends in a "Hermitage" tea club and continued to a beautiful picture exhibition (wild nature). The meeting was fun, and the exhibition was just amazing... Thus we could not help taking "our pictures"... Have a look yourself @ KodakGallery.

Hexagon Pool

Last weekend we took advantage of a very useful hint and payed a visit to a Hexagon Pool (also known as "Meshushim Pool") in Yehudiya Forest park.

This pool besides being one of the most beautiful places I've seen, is a unique geological phenomenon. The wall of the pool consists of hexagonal basalt pillars, which solidified when the lava cooled down after the volcanic eruptions in the Golan.

Many springs run into Hameshushim stream that fills the pool, and its current is strong year-round.

The pictures from the trip may be found @ KodakGallery :)

September 1, 2007

As I've previously mentioned, Michael is a school-boy now. The first day was not really on the 1st of September - it was Sunday, September 2, but... you may find the big boy pictures @ KodakGallery as usuall.

Moscow once again: relatives & barbecue

I've put the pictures from barbecue (Saturday, August 18) @ KodakGallery, so now you may check it out.

Summer trip: Moscow

Well, we realized it was the last summer before Michael started school, so we made this trip to Moscow just before September: 13 -> 22 of August. Most pictures are on the same site @ KodakGallery.