Monday, 16 August 2010

Vacation 2010: Davos

First part of our vacation we spent in Switzerland, Davos: a very beautiful town in Swiss Alps. There was plenty of rain during the 9 days we stayed there, but I would not complain that we did not have a chance to enjoy the area. In a few words if you think of a beautiful place for vacation, this place gets a high score.

There are plenty of pictures are at KodakGallery.

Saturday, 14 August 2010

Swiss Alpine 78K, 2010

This race was on my mind even before I ran my first race...  A race in the mountains, not too long (fits in one day with a full night rest before and after), not too short (to care too much about speed) and amazingly beautiful! The pictures from the race are at KodakGallery, and there a couple of videos online: finisher clip and Michael's video.
The data from my FR 310 is at Garmin site.

I approached it in well planned (even if in a bit odd manner) stages:
1. 80 km race in Israel;
2. Mountain marathon in Swiss Alps (Jungfrau);
3. the goal (?) race: Swiss Alpine 78k,
    78.5 km race with ~2300m of elevation gain, also in Swiss Alps.

Back from vacation!

We are back from a 3 week vacation!

Short summary is as follows: first day we stayed in Zurich with our friends, then spent 10 days in Davos, where I enjoyed SwissAlpine k78 race a lot (race report to follow complete with pictures). Finally we went to Russia, smoke filled Moscow with 40 deg. celsius heat to visit my relatives. Pictures from all stages will be on-line in a few days!