Monday, 10 December 2007

Valrhona chocolate in Israel

After complaining a lot about the lack of chocolate places in Israel the simple Google search resulted in a great result: I've not only found Valrhona chocolate in Israel, moreover the shop is located "just around the corner". So here is the link for the chocoholics in Israel to the "Bakers" in Nesher, Haifa.

Pictures from the past (cont'd yet)

And the last trip in this series was to the another amazing location in the area of Yehudiya Forest -- Upper Zavitan stream and the highest waterfall in the Golan mountains. The pictures are also @ KodakGallery.

Pictures from the past (cont'd)

The second trip was to a beautiful area in the northern part of Israel -- Nahal Bezet and the Stalactite cave, the pictures are as usual at KodakGallery

Pictures from the past -- September 2007

I've just realized that I still did not put the links to the pictures from our trips during "Sukkot" holidays from the end of September -> beginning of November. So I'm rectifying this mistake now -- better later than...

Here is the link to the pictures from our day at Flower park in Kibbutz Bachan -- a lot of orchids and more...

Monday, 3 December 2007

Michael's Judo Competition

On the 25th of November Michael took part in judo competition where he was second in his category (weight + age). The pictures can be found at KodakGallery.