Sunday, 13 May 2012

Mountain 2 Valley 2012

Mountain 2 Valley is a relay event covering ~215km from Tel Hai in the North to Timrat (Izrael Valley). It can be done in the teams of 8, 6 or 4 runners or as either long (215km) or "short" (129km) ultra run.

This time I coerced 3 colleagues from Intel Jerusalem to form a 4 team and to enjoy the consequences.

We had a mixed team: two fast guys: Jonathan Maresky and Tsion Vidal and two "slower" ladies: me and Clementine Haddad. The race took us 20 hours 35 minutes of running + driving the "fresh-tired" runners to the next section. It was new experience to all of us, Jonathan &Clem done the race in bigger 8-team a year ago and it was first relay for me & Tsion.
We started as almost fast team at midday and had first two section for each runner during the hot hours of the day, evening brought milder temperatures, full moon and climbing. For my last section I've gone into the fog of the morning and greeted the shy sun after 6 in the morning. Thanks to fast times of Tsion and Jonathan + Clem's persistence, we held onto 3rd position till the finish.

Garmin data for my parts can be found at GarminConnect site.

Thanks for sharing this experience to my team!

keen and nervous team in clean Intel provided T-shirts
Tired but happy fineshers
The earned results: 3rd place for the Intel Israel Quad Core runners!

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