Monday, 14 November 2011

Sovev Emek 2011, 92km

This was the second year of the race, which combines the range of trail running 
events from 10km to 92km and several off-road bicycle routes from 22km to 62km.

I've done the 92km run and it was definitely the best ultra running event in Israel. It was perfectly organized (BIG "thank you" to Shai Hazan and Kibbuts HaZorea) with great atmosphere, nice route -- not boring and not too hard, full moon, and runners with right attitude!

My run was not without some surprises, I guess water/fuel was a bit off as well as my knees that scared me, so I went slower than I planned, but actually the legs feel almost fresh just two days after it, so I am happy with the run the way it was.

As always, the statistics from the run are at Garmin site, pictures are on-line at KodakGallery and there is also
a finisher clip this time...

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