Monday, 22 March 2010

Jerusalem Half 2010

I've gladly accepted an invitation for a nice training run: Jerusalem Half Marathon 2010. I did treat it as a training run: running every day more than 10km before it and trying to feel comfortable all the way. It still took 1h51min instead of planned 2 hours, so probably the atmosphere had its effect...

The weather was just perfect: not too hot and not too cold (around 10 deg. Celsius), perfect visibility; and Jerusalem is a beautiful city!

BTW, now I have the elevation profile and the route available! see more data at Garmin Connect site.


Jonnifer said...

Yup, weather plays a big role during races.

It seems your training again for another ultra? :)

Tatiana said...

Hi Jon
I've signed up for Swiss Alpine K78 in the end of July and the plan is to arrive there uninjured ;-)