Monday, 8 December 2008

Desert @ full moon

So it did happen: I could not resist the temptation and ran official race which was held in the Dead Sea area. It was a 30K night run in the beautiful desert with landscapes illuminated by the full moon.
Many runners still used headlights, while others, including me, enjoyed the natural moonlit surroundings. I did not really "race" it -- the purpose was to enjoy it as much as possible.

The group of fast runners even honoured my tradition of getting lost on the trails and of course I've followed them, but not the whole way -- I am not the fastest. My route from garmin can be found at MotioneBased.

Nice video from the event can be found at flix.

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Neal Jamison said...

Tatiana, Great run in the desert. I also ran under the full moon last weekend, and it was absolutely wonderful. I bet the desert was beautiful. Good pace too, for a night run.